Midgard Saga


Strategy and role-playing with a touch of Norse mythology



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Midgard Saga is a SRPG in which players control a group of four Nordic adventurers who embark on a rampage of pillaging to end all others, looting everything in their path as they travel from the land of the humans in Midgard to the realm of the gods in Asgard.

At the beginning of each encounter, players have to choose which abilities their units will use. Each of the four heroes has his own, exclusive abilities. For example, the wizard can call forth lightning, while the warrior is able to launch a whirlwind attack with his axes.

The combats are turn-based, and when it is your turn, you can carry out two actions with each of your characters, whether that be moving them two times, attacking twice, or moving once and attacking once. After that, it is your enemy's turn, and he can do the same thing with his unit.

Midgard Saga is a very enjoyable role and strategy game, which offers a gameplay which is typically found in console games and which is rarely present in PC games. In addition, it has outstanding graphics and enchanting character design, which shines particularly well due to the Unreal Engine.
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